Our Story

Our Story

Hello All, 

This is Andrew, the Co-Founder and CEO of PalmHaven. Thank you all for checking out our site and I hope you guys can embrace the PalmHaven vibe with one of our shirts and accessories like we do! Starting PalmHaven initially was never supposed to be an official online clothing store. It was just an idea to put a cool palm tree logo on a t-shirt, print it, and wear it around myself, whether it was around the house, going out, or going to the gym. Never in my wildest dreams have I thought this would become a legit clothing company. 

I always had love for the beach and palm trees, and I wanted to come up with a cool, stylish, and unique palm tree logo, that someone can wear to the beach, but also anywhere they go, and wherever they are. Being located in CT, there's not always warm weather, or tropical places to go to.

Putting on a PalmHaven shirt makes me feel like I am in paradise wherever I go, and no matter the time of year it is. Bringing this idea to my brother Brandon was an easy decision, as we always discussed starting a business together. He immediately fell in love with the design and idea and wanted to hop on the PalmHaven train. This company would not be possible without him.

We want to thank you guys for coming along on this tremendous journey, as we are just getting started. We want to welcome everyone to the PalmHaven family and #EmbraceTheGoodVibes!




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